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Compare how the shares stand against the last 52 weeks high and low

Ladda ner Jämför hur aktierna står sig mot de senaste 52 veckorna hög och låg

Download Compare how the shares stand against the last 52 weeks high and low

Average Cost per share

Ladda ner kalkylarken

Genomsnittlig kostnad per aktie

Download Average Cost per share

FORTUNE 1000 – 2022 – spreadsheet file

This is the 68th edition of our annual ranking of America’s largest companies. We have downloaded and compiled the entire list of 1000 companies. Ranking, Company name, number of employees, change in ranking, revenues, revenue change, profits, profit change, assets, market value. Then we have created a list of FORTUNE 500 companies in a tab called “compare”. We compare share price for last 52 weeks, 3 years, 5 years, 10 years. How their stocks have performed historically. We have created a TOP 200 list of 500 that performed best. We have highlighted the very stable company shares with a yellow background. Top 200 in last 52 weeks, under 3 years, under 5 years, under 10 years. In a column with a drop down menu, you can select the number of days you want to go back to see share prices. Good feature if you want to find companies that have done well in the last 6 months with inflation. Must say there are some

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